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Welcome to GLOBAL NETWORK SERVICE CO.,LTD, We are one of the leading Exporter and Importer for Granite and marble,Gardening materials,mainly works for Korean and Japanese market with the abundant business experience for 10 years up . Our main business goals are concentrated on harmonization between human and circumstances ,familiar circumstances and its exterior and interior culture’s expansions. In advance,we are trying to contribute to future's housing and landscaping culture development ,pleasant city environment by developing excellent building & gardening ,landscape materials. The high quality marble and Granite by us will lead you to the future success in the field of Architecture & Landscaping business. We would like to ensure you that our overseas network system will meets your full satisfaction at any times you requires our services . We hereby promise you that we always remains as reliable supplier for you who fulfills customer's needs with sincere efforts and unchanging enterprise credit. Please be feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requirments. Best Regards,

Hyeong-Gu , Kang / President